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300 mg. These compounds foster wakefulness and alert mental states, but do not carry the side effects of common psychostimulants. Adrafinil has gained popularity as a nootropic supplement for improving cognitive function and fostering intense concentration abilities in users.

Neuro Force Adrafinil: (300mg) of Adrafinil in each vegetarian capsule.

There are 30ct Vegetarian capsules (V-Caps) in each bottle.

Each capsule is filled only with pure Adrafinil.

With this being said, there are no additives or fillers in the capsules

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What is Adrafinil Capsules 300mg

Buy Adrafinil Capsules 300mg – Adrafinil is a synthetic nootropic that is used primarily to promote wakefulness, alertness, and focus. It has been shown to increase aspects of motivation and problem solving. Adrafinil is also used to relieve excess sleepiness in elderly patients. It is a prodrug for modafinil, meaning supplementation of adrafinil leads to increased concentrations of modafinil in the body.

Adrafinil supplementation increases alertness and wakefulness. Adrafinil is a stimulant, but it does not cause hyperactivity. Instead, it fights sleepiness.

How Adrafinil works

Previously known as Olmifon in France, where is was developed by Louis Lafon Laboratories, Adrafinil is a prodrug – meaning once it has been taken it metabolizes in the body to Modafinil. Although Modafinil requires a prescription in the United States or to say Modafinil is a prescription medication in the United States, Adrafinil does not and produces effects very similar to Modafinil.

Since Adrafinil needs to be metabolized by the liver, it takes slightly longer for the effects to be felt and won’t last as long as Modafinil. You will see Adrafinil begin to work on average in 45-60 minutes. Adrafinil has become popular amongst individuals who need to stay awake for long periods of time or who work over-night. It also carries few side effects.

How to Take Adrafinil Capsules 300mg

Adrafinil is most commonly found as a 300mg capsule to be taken orally. As with most supplements, it is suggested to take Adrafinil with water. It is best to take Adrafinil in the morning, prior to breakfast. If you take Adrafinil after eating it will significantly reduce the effects. Since Adrafinil is used to promote wakefulness, taking it in the afternoon or evening may cause insomnia.

Prolonged use of Adrafinil has been shown to elevate the levels of certain liver enzymes so it should not be taken regularly. The best usage of Adrafinil would be to take it as needed or on a cycle such as one week on, one week off. ) Adrafinil should not be taken for more than three consecutive weeks. Following that time period, Adrafinil should not be taken for a minimum of one week.

If you intend on taking Adrafinil, discuss the use with a physician prior to using. Adrafinil should not be taken with other drugs due to potential increase of side effects of adranfinil.

Benefits of Adrafinil

Buy Adrafinil Capsules 300mg – Adrafinil is one of the more potent nootropics and is a great option if you’re looking for an edge for work or study. Unlike Modafinil or Adderall, Adrafinil is available without a prescription as is readily available over the counter for purchase. As previously mentioned, the main benefits of Adrafinil is to promote wakefulness, alertness, and focus along with increasing aspects of motivation and problem solving.

Adrafinil for Work

Adrafinil can be a powerful agent for individuals who work long hours or who work differing schedules that could interfere with a normal sleep schedule. Individuals who do repetitive work and often find themselves in a lull may also find Adrafinil to be beneficial. Long hours on the road or sitting in front of a computer can be taxing on an individual’s mental well-being. Adrafinil can provide the boost to keep your mind on track and focused all day long.

Adrafinil for School

In an ideal world everyone would be able to go to class, focus, and go home to study. However, the reality is that individuals might have a difficult time waking up for an early class, remaining focused throughout a lecture, or finding the energy required to study and comprehend the material. Adrafinil can address all three of these issues.

Adrafinil can allow you to wake up for that early class, remain focused without needing to check your phone or social media, and provide the motivation to begin studying and learn the material. As a large exam or paper due date approaches, Adrafinil can even be used as an aid to stay focused for the long period of time needed to get the studying done or paper written.

Side Effects of adrafinil

Adrafinil had shown to have very few side effects. Most notably occurring are: nausea, appetite reduction, or possibly mild headaches. The most common side effect of Adrafinil is insomnia. If Adrafinil is not taken as recommended (immediately after waking, before breakfast) then insomnia is more likely to occur since Adrafinil is used to promote wakefulness. Even if taken later in the day, Adrafinil will not impact the quality of sleep like other stimulants, only the ability to fall asleep in the first place.

Other stimulants may cause feelings of anxiety or and elevation of your blood pressure and heart rate. However, Adrafinil does not cause any of these side effects.

As Adrafinil has been shown to increase the counts of certain liver enzymes with regular use, it should not be taken regularly or with any other drug. If taken with other drugs the increased liver enzyme counts could potentially cause liver damage.

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