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Brand Name : Ibrance 125mg
Composition : Palbociclib
Manufactured by : Pfizer Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
Strength : 120 mg
Form : Capsules
Packing : Pack of 21 Capsules

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Palbociclib is an oral chemotherapy used to treat advanced breast cancer. This drug is used as part of a combination therapy. That means it is taken with other drugs. Palbociclib is generally taken in combination with letrozole

Ibrance (Palbociclip 125mg) ) is a product of Pfizer and is known as IBRANCE in other parts of the world

The drug was reviewed and approved under thefood and drug administration’s  (FDA) accelerated priority review and breakthrough therapy designation programs on February of 2015

The drug was approved for use in the European Union in November 2016 as a treatment for hormone receptor (HR) positive, human epidermal growth factor receptor 2 (HER2) negative locally advanced or metastatic breast cancer

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10 reviews for Buy Ibrance : Palbociclib 125 Mg Capsules Online

  1. harry

    “For Breast Cancer, Metastatic: “My metastatic breast cancer appeared in my Sacral bone 6 years after successful treatments for stage 2 bc. I’ve been on Ibrance 125 , Aromasin, and xgeva and 19 rounds of radiation. We use this Palbocicilibe (Ibrance) drug. After 4 months of treatment, tumor marker has been decreased from 540 to 64. and i must use Ibrance for 2 years. Of course I have problems ( Side effect),specially in my mouth, it hurts on my gum and blisters but I thank my god and my oncologist and these drugs can work wonderful. I wish all patients a complete recovery. 10”

  2. Becky Ange

    My mother got two injections and one capsule on the neglected line of informed consent. She felt nauseous, light headed, lost hair and above all her leg function was hampered. After a “clean” MRI scan without metastasis, ok red blood cell levels and white blood cell levels she got scanned after one month with severe pressure in her spine and dysfunctional legs and had bone cancer, severely declined red and white blood cells and ruptures in her liver.

  3. Laurence Carter

    My mother had metastatic breast cancer . It was in her lungs, spine and pelvis. It was also ER/ PR positive and HER negative. We wanted her to have the best treatment. We had to import ibrance for her to use at great cost to us her children. Also she was on letrozole and denosubamb injections for her bones. The ibrance did nothing for her. Within a month , her cancer markers tripled, the cancer spread more, she was having diarrhoea constantly, extreme fatigue, neutropenia, low WBC, low platelet. Within a month of diagnosis of her cancer and using ibrance , she died from septic shock and febrile neutropenia. The drug did not help her. We could still have had more years with her without using the is cursed drug. So so sad and heartbreaking. We were feeding her poison , we just did not not know

  4. Aaron

    I began taking Ibrance, Faslodex and Zometa in Febraury 2019. Since then I have had three CT Scans. The CT Scans have shown marked reduction. I have had few side effects if any. This drug was designed to give cancer patients like me more time.

  5. Davis

    “I have taken Ibrance for over 4 years and twice in hospital as I couldn’t breathe. Now I see lungs are one of their side effects. Off it now for 3 weeks as it quit working. Blood is still low so can’t begin another but like to breathe . Will all the drugs cause lung problems”

  6. Emily

    My metastatic breast cancer appeared in my spine and hip bone 8 years after successful treatments for stage 1 bc. I’ve been on Ibrance, letrezole, and xgeva after an initial round of radiation. After 5 months of treatment, I was in remission. Have now been in remission almost 3 years. Taking the same drug program the whole time. I have tolerated the drugs well. Only recently started to see hair damage. Always take drugs after eating so no stomach problems. Occasionally a bit tired, but mostly feel good. Low white cells means I’m very careful about exposure to germs. Swab down my airline seat with antibacterial wipes when flying. So far, so good. These drugs can work very well.”

  7. Suzanne

    “I loved it. It was the first drug I tried after I was diagnosed. I had not had a mammogram for 3 years so my original diagnosis was Stage 4. This drug worked like a charm. Brought my numbers down really low and I felt good. Except for fatigue. But they all effect me that way. My husband was dying of COPD and I took care of him until the end. Great drug.”

  8. Arshaw

    “Diagnosed Stage 4 breast cancer invasive ductal hormone receptor positive HER2 negative metastatic to bone in 2016. After mastectomy/ lymphodectomy was treated with radiation and hormone treatment. Tamoxifen, letrozole had side effects did very well on anastrazole until scan in spring 2019 suggested more cancer in lymphatic system. Started Ibrance 21 day on 7 off and fulvestrant monthly. No obvious cancer after 6 months and now a year!! No cancer!!! Some side effects but definitely mild.”

  9. Neal Michaud

    “I am finishing up my 8th round of Ibrance this week for breast cancer. So far, I’m progression free. I’ve had very few side effects and feel pretty good. Happy to have had this option from

  10. Hannah

    “I was diagnosed with secondary breast cancer 4 months ago which has spread to my lungs.I was put on palbociclib and letrozole along side a monthly Injection. I felt so poorly and wasn’t getting any quality of life. My 1st scan showed it had shrunk but at stage 4 I know it will never go away. I made the decision to come off palbociclib. I also wanted to come off the letrozole but the oncologist recommended I stay on the letrozole because the cancer could spread quicker so I felt I had no choice but to stay on the letrazole. I have terrible pains in my legs and my fingers .I’m now worried now I’ve come off the palbociclib if it is going to shorten my life”

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